It’s that time of the year again!  You and your best friends have been planning this for months, you carefully chose your dresses so that you look a million bucks. The guys look sharp wearing their ties, which you don’t get to see everyday. Oh, and let’s not forget the hours spent in hair and make-up!  Do not leave all this glam fade into memory... strut the glamour on a red-carpet style photo shoot!

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How it works: you pick a place that can accommodate at least 5 couples (it can be your parent’s garden, living room or your sub-division’s clubhouse). I will come at a scheduled time and shoot for about one to two hours (it depends on how many couples, and how many variations you want to photograph - the time is more so you can plan your day - I’ll stay for as long as you need me). I will set up studio lights, so that all dresses sparkle and you can see that light shining in everyone’s eyes.

What Is included: You get my talent in posing, my expertise with lighting, and YOU GET SAME DAY ACCESS to my favorite poses of each couple, (if time allows, depending on the size of the group, I'll throw in individual poses as well)!  What?  Yes!  After you are done posing on the red carpet, you gather your friends and go to dinner. I’ll will go straight to the studio, edit my favorite images of each couple, and upload them to an iphone/android app. This app self-updates every time I add a newly edited photo, so you will be dining and watching new photos pop up on your phones at the speed of light! The app allows you to share the images on FB, or by email, with everyone you know!  That is what I call immediate gratification!

Then, after the party lights are over and everyone went back to routine, you will receive a special link and password to a private gallery where the best images from the event will be available for purchase. You may choose between digital downloads or 8X10 prints for a super special rate of $15.00 each.

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How do the poses flow?

I first photograph a girl individually, then her pair, then the couple. I repeat this recipe until I have photographed all couples.  Next, I will assemble the big group for a shot, then all the girls, and next all the boys. When photographing the groups, I include a serious and a silly shot.  I also like to group BFFs, parents and their kids, etc. It really all depends on what you have in mind, how well everyone follows directions, and how much time you have.

In short, what is the investment?

I only schedule one red-carpet event a day, and I schedule the events on a first-come first serve basis. There is a booking fee due at time of booking to reserve the date.  

The booking fee is  only $ 25.00 per person (minimum 5 couples).

In order to be able to send you the app with the images I ask that you fill a form when we schedule the event, providing me with your email and Instagram name.

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